Welcome to Iceland, a unique business with a down-to-earth approach and a big personality. Iceland’s pace is lightning-quick, and Iceland works hard to make Iceland customers happy. Iceland is your place if you’re friendly, customer-focused, and always cheerful! Iceland has over 900 stores throughout the UK and 40 stores across Europe. Iceland’s global export business continues to grow each year. So whether you’re just starting your career or looking for a new challenge, Iceland offers exciting opportunities!

Iceland is passionate about producing quality food and offering customers excellent value for money. We’re committed to sustainable sourcing ingredients from ethical sources and investing in the communities where Iceland products are produced. Additionally, Iceland strives to reduce food waste throughout Iceland’s production process and minimize Iceland’s environmental impact. Iceland’s commitment to sustainability is an integral part of Iceland’s business, and Iceland is constantly looking for ways to impact the world positively.

At Iceland, they take great pride in cultivating a friendly working culture that puts Iceland people first. Iceland’s team comprises highly skilled professionals worldwide, and everyone has a role in driving Iceland forward. Iceland fosters an open, collaborative environment where everyone’s opinions and ideas are valued. Iceland believes in working as a team to reach our goals and create the best possible customer outcomes.

Iceland is an exciting place to work, with plenty of opportunities for growth and development. Iceland’s business is constantly innovating, and it’s always changing to meet the needs of Iceland customers. So come and join us and help shape the future of Iceland! We’d love to have you on board.

Iceland Groceries

Since 1970, Iceland has revolutionized the British supermarket industry as a frozen and fresh food leader. Malcolm Walker and Peter Hinchcliffe founded it with headquarters in Deeside, Wales – it was the first UK store to freeze its food on-site! With an extensive selection of grocery items ranging from frozen produce to other household essentials, no wonder why Iceland is among the most beloved supermarkets in Britain today.

Iceland’s mission is to make life easier for Iceland customers by providing them with quality and convenience. Iceland offers our customers a wide range of products, including fresh produce and frozen goods. We also carry a variety of specialty items, such as vegan and gluten-free options, so everyone can find something to enjoy. Iceland has everything if you’re looking for something special or want to get the basics!

Free Delivery

Iceland offers free delivery on orders over £35. Iceland convenient online delivery service is designed to make it easy for customers to place an order with us and receive their shopping quickly. Whether you’re looking for large family meals or want to stock up the freezer, Iceland range of frozen goods is perfect for any occasion.

Iceland’s delivery service is available seven days a week and can be tracked in real-time. In Iceland, everyone should have access to affordable and healthy foods without compromising quality. That’s why Iceland offers delicious frozen food at prices you can afford – because everyone deserves the best!

Iceland Offers

Iceland is always looking for ways to give back and reward Iceland loyal customers. We offer a range of exclusive offers, from money-saving deals on groceries, household goods, and frozen items to discounts on popular products like wine and spirits.

We also provide special seasonal promotions and exclusive offers that help you save even more when you shop with us. To ensure you never miss out on the latest bargains, sign up for Iceland weekly newsletter and get all the inside information on Iceland promotions and exclusive deals.

At Iceland, Iceland strives to give Iceland customers the best possible value for money while ensuring that they have access to high-quality products. From Iceland’s commitment to sustainability to our exclusive offers, Iceland strives to make life easier for everyone.

To summarize, when you shop with us in Iceland, you will receive excellent quality products and fantastic value for your money. Iceland commitment is to provide exemplary customer service and a comprehensive selection of items. Whether it’s provisions or standard supplies you’re after – there’s no need to look any further; Iceland has everything here in Iceland!