In a world where plastic pollution is becoming increasingly pressing, it’s more important than ever to find sustainable solutions. Established in Hackney in 2019, We’re Kind Bag aims to empower people to live more sustainably by creating stylish accessories that look good and do good.

Kind Bag makes unique and sustainable bags from recycled plastic bottles that combat plastic pollution and drive change in the fashion industry. With an ever-growing mountain of plastic waste, there’s never been a better time to join the fight against climate change and help reduce Kind Bag impact on the planet.

Kind Bag is passionate about equipping people with the tools and resources to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Kind Bag designs modern, stylish accessories that look good and do good for Kind Bag planet. By encouraging more conscious consumers to join us in this mission, Kind Bag hopes to spark meaningful change and make a lasting impact on the world around us.

Kind Bag bags are designed with the latest and trendiest fashion in mind. Crafted to appeal to conscious consumers, every detail has been considered for maximum style and value. Plus, Kind Bag is actively working towards reducing its carbon footprint by utilizing sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. With a passion for youth culture and sustainability, Kind Bag offers an array of vibrant collections that won’t disappoint!

Reusable Bags

Kind Bag is the perfect solution for grocery shopping and many other tasks! Made from recycled plastic bottles, they look stylish and offer practicality. From beach days to quick tours to your local store, our bags will keep your items safe and secure in their vibrant designs. Join us on our mission to replace single-use plastics that harm the environment with eco-friendly alternatives – let’s do better by Mother Earth together!

It’s not just about single-use plastics. Kind Bag is working towards reducing its carbon footprint by focusing on the materials it uses in its production process. Its premium and stylish collections are made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, which is kinder to the environment and helps reduce Kind Bag collective plastic waste.

Artist Collection

Kind Bag is proud to introduce the new Artist Collection, designed in collaboration with some of London’s most creative minds. Kind Bag has worked hard to deliver a range that speaks to modern and trend-savvy individuals who care about sustainability. The collection has vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, and fun illustrations!

Kind Bag new artist collection, created in collaboration with Maggie Stephenson, is ethically and sustainably crafted from our 100% recycled and recyclable fabric. During the lockdown period, Maggie designed the illustrations for these bags, inspired by being mindful of each moment; it’s easy to get caught up in draining energy, but Kind Bag believes that it’s never too late to resalways possibly reignite yourself while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Kind Bag Accessories

Kind Bag also offers a selection of accessories, from wallets to phone cases. They come in various colors and make for the perfect gifts! Thoughtful Bags are not only ethical but stylish, too – made with upcycled polyester fabric, they’re an eco-friendly way of carrying your items. Kind Bag has wallets, phone cases, and purses with magnetic buttons, drawstrings, and various sizes.

Kind Bag is excited to share the Kind Bag product range with you and hopes you join us in our mission for a more sustainable future! Kind Bag bags, accessories, and collections will help you transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Together we can make a difference.

Kind Bag New Arrivals

We are forever innovating to keep Kind Bag selected action fresh and captivating at Kind Bag. Kind Bag’s latest releases include the stunning Maggie Stephenson Artist Collection and upcycled Polyester designs – guaranteed to make a statement! Kind Bag welcomes you to check out our expansive collection of bags, accessories, wallets, and phone cases made from eco-friendly materials that will help preserve the environment for generations.

In summary, Kind Bag is dedicated to creating stylish and sustainable products that help reduce Kind Bag’s plastic footprint. Kind Bag bags, wallets, phone cases, and accessories are ethically crafted from recycled materials to keep Mother Earth safe for future generations. With vibrant designs and inspiring collaborations in mind, Kind Bag invites you to join us on this mission toward a more sustainable future!