It is true that facial and body skin care requires investment and time and we do not always take care of everything. But if it’s important for you to maintain your skin for a long time – the following tips are especially for you

At the end of the day, a moment after the shower and going to bed, we remind ourselves that this is actually our only time to look in the mirror for more than a second and also take care of our skin. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, and as we get older, our skin requires more and more attention. The benefit of skin care on a regular basis is tremendous – if we take care of the skin before bed, we will get nicer and nicer in the morning. So how do you really do that?

1. The first rule is, without a doubt, to clean the face. Going to bed with makeup and dirt today, which includes air pollution, car soot and even just excess radiation from the computer, is simply a disaster for our skin. You already know that if you go to bed with an unclean face, your skin will look bad in the morning. Find your favorite way to do it: with a makeup remover, face milk and a little cotton ball, or with a special soap tailored for the face. Do not give up on yourself.

2. Night cream will take care of skin rejuvenation. Winter has just begun, and already our skin is itchy and dry and maybe a little flaky, we are stressed at work, in traffic jams, in the rain, at home, and we also spent quite a bit in the scorching sun in summer, and all these the skin remembers us, forever. A good night cream will help us relieve the accumulated stress in the skin, restoring the moisture taken from it due to the wind, the heating air conditioners, lack of sleep hours and all the other details that make up, in fact, our daily routine. Choose the cream that meets your needs and fits your budget, and do not give it up. Tip: Of course, this is not a suitable cream for the day, because these usually also contain sunscreens. They are wonderful for the day, but at night we want our skin to be repaired, and not protected, and to be able to breathe and relax as well.

Whether you opt for a rich face cream, gel or intensely nourishing balm, moisturisers are an essential part of every skincare routine. Moisturisers help seal moisture into the skin and promote healthy skin cell function, leaving skin luminous. There’s more; these clever creams also tackle a wide variety of skin concerns from dullness to breakouts. Use an anti-ageing moisturiser to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, or use a mattifying moisturiser to prevent oily and shiny skin.

3. The area around the eyes indicates everything. It reveals how many hours we have slept, whether we are dehydrated, preoccupied, or vice versa – relaxed and calm. Therefore, it is worth investing in a good eye cream. Note that eye cream is a cream that differs in its ability to penetrate the skin from the rest of the face, and therefore requires a dedicated cream. The area around the eyes hardly secretes fat on its own because it is very thin and has no mammary glands, so it is our job to provide it with maximum moisture 24 hours a day. Apply your eye cream with gentle pats and not with smearing movements, so as not to stretch it too much.

4. Once you have finished applying the face, you should not neglect the body. A rich body lotion or body oil (both are possible, if your skin is really dry) will give you a comfortable sleep and soft and pleasant skin in the morning. All this should take you no more than five minutes, and you’re ready for bed, but it does not end here.

5. The term “beauty year” is not an invention, it is definitely a fact. If you sleep in a room at a pleasant temperature, not too cold and not too hot, when fresh air has filled it during the day, you will not have to turn around in bed again and again until you are comfortable, and sleep will come easily. You should invest in soft and clean cotton bedding, and there are exaggerations that invest in silk expectations for pillows. By the way, stiff bedding is known to cause wrinkles, which is why you wake up when the skin is taut and possibly with signs that do not pass so quickly.

6. Try turning off the TV, and especially the news, at least an hour before you fall asleep. Try to clear your head of bothersome thoughts and stress, and think about the pleasant things that happened to you today, and those that happened to you tomorrow. This will help you plan your agenda tomorrow so that you do not wake up in the middle of the night because you do not remember what time in the morning you have scheduled a work meeting with your boss. Writing the tasks in front of you will help remove worries from your heart. Now, set your alarm clock to eight hours of sleep regularly, and your skin will smile at you in the morning in the mirror. Good night!

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