We all need it. Storage, storage, and more storage. We can never have enough of it. And in this day in age, old and dated hard drives are not doing the job properly.

So, we decided to compile a list of our top picks for this year to help you lose the worries and enjoy taking more pictures of family, filming more videos, and backing up your important moments in life.

Best value: SanDisk Extreme

With SanDisk, you can (almost) never go wrong. Their SSD lines have always been great and reliable, so you can be sure that they won’t fail you. If you have an SD card for a camera, Micro SD for your phone, or just have some flash drived lying around somewhere, there is a high probability that they are from SanDisk. Their reputation speaks for itself.

On the Extreme line, SanDisk has combined the high speeds and tough build of a premium device, and chopped off the price. The drive comes in options between 500GB to 4TB and has reading speeds of up to 1050MB/s over USB 3.2 gen 2. Also, the drive is rated for IP55 water and dust resistance, and is up to 2 meters drop proof.

The prices range between $149 for the 500GB model and $699 for the 4TB one. For most people, this will be the best option for home casual use, and will stay running for many years to come.

*ALL models of the SanDisk Extreme are currently on sale*

Get the SanDisk Extreme here

Best data security: Samsung T7 Touch

For this one, Samsung took a different approach. With the focus on data security, the T7 Touch is made so you can be confident that your files are protected and secure from outside access.

Samsung’s T7 Touch comes in a very slim package and has a very unique feature that differentiates it from almost the entire market – a built-in fingerprint sensor. If you are handling sensitive files for business or personal purposes or just want to secure your files, you can ensure that no one will be able to open them without your presence. Along with the fingerprint sensor, the T7 Touch has a thin metal casing and is capable of up to 1050MB/s reading speed.

If you are looking for a great and safe option to take your files on the road, the Samsung T7 touch is most certainly one of the best options out there. With storage options of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB, it has the versatility that will provide great value with its $109 starting price.

*The Samsung T7 touch models are currently on sale*

Get the Samsung T7 Touch here

Best protectiveness: LaCie Rugged SSD & SSD Pro

In a lot of use cases, you need to bring your hard drive to work, but what do you do if it might get damaged in the process? you get the most buffed-out one you can find. If you work in construction, extreme conditions, or simply just constantly dropping stuff – LaCie’s Rugged line is your best option.

With an exceptional record of successful and well-priced products, The SSD line is a plus for people who need the speeds, but with the protection the last HDD ones had. So, LaCie took their hard drives, slimmed them down, added some features, and nearly quadrupled the speed from the RAID and RAID Pro lines to 950MB/s.

The SSDs come in a slim and light package, IP67 rating for dust and water, 3 meters drop protection with the rubberized outer layer. Probably the most compelling feature is the 5-year warranty with data recovery, to keep your important files even if the drive fails. The Rugged SSD starts at $179 for the 500GB model and has up to 2TB capacity.

For those who need the absolute fastest SSD in availability, There is the Rugged SSD Pro line. With Thunderbolt 3 speeds, the Pro model can reach 2800MB/s (!) and has the same form-factor as the regular SSD in black casing.

Get the LaCie Rugged SSD here

Get the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro here

Best portability: Buffalo External SSD

For many users, the ability to take their files everywhere with a slim SSD helps a lot. But, this isn’t 100% practical all the time. For example, even the smallest drive on this list is not very comfortable in the pocket, so we found an even smaller one. Admittedly, it does lack a little in storage options and speed, but it surely makes up for it in the ease of use.

In a footprint that is just over the size of a flash drive, the Buffalo External is more like a flash drive on steroids. The drive is capable of up to 600MB/s download speed with USB 3.2 and comes in only two storage options: 500GB and 1TB. It also has support for PS4/PS5 storage extension, along with PC and Mac. Like a flash drive, the Buffalo doesn’t require a cable and has a built-in retractable USB-A connector and a USB-C adaptor in the box.

The Buffalo External SSD has a price point of $74 for the 500GB and $119 for the 1TB. For a drive that you can attach to your keychain, it will provide great value and will serve you whenever you need it.

*The Buffalo External SSD models are currently on sale*

Get the Buffalo External SSD here