In the CES tech expo earlier this year, Sony has revealed the design for the new controllers for the next-gen PlayStation VR headset and a few specs. Now, we have the official design of the headset itself and the full spec list. 

The new PSVR2 will follow the steps of the original PSVR, but with updated features and a similar design scheme to the PS5 and its accessories. According to Sony, gaming on the new VR2 will be “a whole new level” so players can immerse themselves in games “like never before”.

The controllers

Sony has given the controller the official name VR2 Sense controllers, and will feature the adaptive triggers from the PS5’s Dual Sense controller that allows for tension feel while pressing down on them. The new controllers will also have touch sensitivity and tracking in the headset’s field of view. Updating from the previous-gen stick controllers, the new circular ergonomic design will have a place inside its housing for more movement sensors that will have a much more accurate movement imitation in the game. They will also bring haptic feedback to both the controllers and the VR headset itself too.

The headset

The headset also has a much more seamless shape that will be lighter than the last one, for a longer and more comfortable user experience. On the front side of the device, there will be an air vent cutout to prevent overheating sensation and the creation of vapors on the glass. In addition, there will be a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack connection on the headset, alongside a USB-C tether to the PS5 (there is no wireless connection, you must have a console to connect to).

The new displays will be at near-4K resolution on OLED and will have support for HDR and a high refresh rate. The headset will also feature eye-tracking, 3D audio, and adjustable lenses for different users. The 4 outside cameras will allow for movement without the need for extra equipment and should work in a similar way to the Quest. It is possible that there will be an option for blended reality view through the cameras for AR (Augmented Reality) use cases.

Full spec list:

  • 110 degrees field of view
  • 4K OLED displays, 4000×2040 pixel resolusion (2000×2040 per eye) with support for 120hz max. frame rate
  • Adjustable lens seperation
  • 4 external cameras + IR sensors for eye tracking
  • Headset vibration
  • USB-C + 3.5mm connection
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Built-in microphone

Release date

As of writing, the release date for the PlayStation VR2 isn’t known. It is expected that Sony will release the headset sometime towards the end of this year, but nothing is certain because of the continuing chip shortages. To most people who can’t even get their hands on the already year and a half (!) old PS5, the VR2 headset will not be the main priority.


The price tag of the PSVR2 is expected to be around $400-$500, as the last generation. Don’t forget to take into consideration that the new headset uses eye-tracking technology, which is an expansive feature to implement – and might impact the price.

So, who is it For?

In Sony’s words, the new headset will “revolutionize” the VR world, but until it will come into customers’ hands we won’t know for sure. We will, however, have high hopes thanks to the PS5 massive success. If you are one of the lucky few who is in possession of said PS5, you will probably enhance your gaming experience by a large margin with the headset. those of you who are still waiting to upgrade from an old PS4, we advise you not to get ahead of yourselves with the scare of buying before it will be sold out. You can never know for sure when you will be able to get the new generation console and put the headset to use.

If you can’t wait for the release of the new generation, You can use the original on the PS4 that you might have, or even on the PS5 (admittedly only PS4 VR games). Get it here

If PS5s are (ever) in stock, you will be able to get them in the links below:

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