Apple is gearing up for its next big event, and this time around, the focus looks to be on performance. On the invite, Apple’s tagline reads, “Peek performance.” That isn’t a misspelling; instead of “peak performance,” which could imply a new take on the high-end power-hungry market, Apple has chosen “peek performance.” This implies that we’ll get a glimpse at some sort of performance technology in a hurry or furt

While details here are a bit unclear still, Apple is working on a new M2 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as well as an ultra-powerful Mac Pro and iMac Pro, and a more powerful version of the Mac mini. All of these devices are set to receive big boosts in performance, making them some of the most powerful machines on the market.

But the real focus of this event may be on performance. Apple has been making a lot of moves in recent years to improve the performance of its devices, from developing its own processors to optimizing software. And with “Peek performance” as the tagline for this event, it seems that we can expect even more improvements in this area. Take a look at the products that may appear in the new event:

3rd-gen iPhone SE

The new SE generation is rumored to keep the look from the previous one with the same screen and Touch ID, but with a faster A15 Bionic chip and support for 5G. The SE will be Apple’s first affordable 5G phone and will be able to bring the market closer to a wide 5G usage, with more people having access to The technology.

5th-gen iPad air

In addition to the new mini and rumored SE, the iPad Air is also set to receive 5G support, an ultrawide selfie camera for the new feature introduced in the latest iPad Pros and Mini: center-stage, which will keep you in the frame if you are moving around during a facetime video call.

MacBook Air

With the logo of the event, you might be able to detect the new colors of the MacBook Air set to be released. The new MacBook will feature the new M2 chip with an improved GPU and a new design rumored to be similar to the M1 iMac.

13″ MacBook Pro

Similar to the last-gen model, the 13″ Pro is set to have a similar design with the same M2 chip and will serve as a lower-end “Pro” model.

iMac Pro

The iMac Pro will be an upgrade to the baseline with M1 Pro/Max, similar to the MacBook Pro from last year, and might get improvements to the screen, and chip/memory options.

Mac Mini

The new Mac mini is said to be a powerhouse, with a design that’s similar to the current model but with even more powerful internals. It’s rumored to have an M1 Pro/Max or a new M2 chip with similar memory and storage options as the new MacBook Pro line.

Apple’s plans for this event are big, and we are getting a sneak peak at what to expect. With devices across the spectrum set to receive performance boosts, Apple is looking to make a big splash in the market with their powerful machines.

So if you’re in the market for a new machine, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, make sure to tune in to Apple’s March event – it’s sure to be a good one!