Looking to refresh your wardrobe with clothes that are not only stylish but might also inspire you to go out and train? Well, look no further! GymKing has got you covered. They offer a wide variety of options in all their categories, whether you want to go run outside or work out at a GYM. Not only do they look great, but they also help you perform at your best.

Outdoors Running:

For running, the key need is breathability. As long as your pants/shorts give you enough airflow back and forth, the sweat will not bother you as much and you will be able to stretch your run more than you would with an uncomfortable pair.

the summer is the hottest season of the year, and you’ll need to dress accordingly. a light pair of shorts will be a great option, but try to avoid the cotton-made ones, since they are not very comfortable for long periods of time for running. GymKing’s Velocity Tech short will be perfect for any length of summer runs, thanks to its 100% polyester build and stretchy fit.

The Velocity Tech Short
The 365 Short

Another option is the 365 short, which will be great for both running and day-to-day use. It also is made of 100% polyester, but the slimmer fit makes it more appropriate for semi-formal wear.

Winter running is a little more complicated when it comes to how cold is it and your personal preferences for running. Since in some cases you can ignore the cold after a while, a long sleeve shirt might be enough, and for that, the 365 1/4 zip funnel was made. The zipper allows for some ventilation if you start to feel hot, but the poly-elastane blend will also keep you warm in cold conditions.

The Fleece Crew
The 365 1/4 Zip Funnel
The Fleece Hood

For a bit more extreme conditions, you’ll need a thicker layer for isolation and the fleece line will serve you great. It is a poly-cotton blend, which will be very warm while keeping the stretch.

GYM Workout:

For working out in a GYM, the main thing you’ll need is a range of motion. When you move weights around, the last thing you need are limiting clothes. That’s why you’ll want either a loose-fitting shirt and pants or ones that will stretch more than you can move.

The 365 Tee is a great t-shirt for a GYM session and offers a wide range of colors to choose from. It is made from an elastane-polyester blend and is very lightweight. For pants, You can pair them with the Impact Pant, which will be a great match. It is also made of a poly-elastane blend and has a slim fit.

The 365 Tee
The Sport Impact Pant

Ball games:

Incorporating games like football or basketball into your workout routine can help with mobility and cardio. For those, you’ll need clothes that won’t get in the way and will also protect you from any potential injuries.

The Impact shorts will give you a full range of motion while also being very comfortable thanks to the polyester build. The shorts also have an elastic waistband so they can adjust to your body. A shirt for this kind of activity needs to be loose so you’ll be comfortable moving around in your place and for getting fast from one place to the next. The Ombre Grindle Tee is a great pick for outdoors or for inside court games, thanks to its quick-drying abilities.

The Ombre Grindle Tee
The Sport Impact Shorts

Consider if you’ll be playing in a sunny or cold place and adjust your clothing choice accordingly, but these should give you a great starting point for your new workout routine. With the right clothes, not only will you look good – but feel good too!

Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with the right shoes and headwear. The Calder beanie is going to be perfect for cold or rainy conditions and will provide you with a nice and warm feeling throughout your training.

As you can see, GymKing has a variety of options for any type of workout you might want to do. And not only are their clothes functional, but they also look good! So go ahead and treat yourself to some new workout gear that will help you reach your fitness goals. You deserve it!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you start the workout and have fun with it. The clothes are there to help you, not to be a nuisance, so pick what makes you feel the best and get going! GymKing has got your back when it comes to looking good while working out.