Farah has been a trusted name in workwear since 1920, but it was during the 1970s that the brand was reborn in the UK and became a quintessentially British fashion icon. With its slim, sharp, hopsack canvas trousers, Farah quickly became a favorite of subcultures like Mods, Rude Boys, Casuals, and the 90s indie music scene. Today, Farah is committed to sustainable fashion and offering men the right clothes to confidently create their own style.

Sustainable Fashion

Farah is doing its part to reduce its impact on the environment. Many of the brand’s fashion lines and basic collections are now made with 100% certified organic cotton. This means zero harmful chemicals and less water usage during production, reducing the brand’s environmental impact. Additionally, Farah has removed all unnecessary packaging and wrapping from online orders and joined the Clevercare campaign to educate consumers on how best to launder their clothes. Farah is committed to moving as many styles as possible into more sustainable fabric bases in the future.

Classic and Trend-led Styles

While Farah has almost a century of history behind it, the brand is focused on creating updated classics and trend-led pieces each season. Farah provides men with the right clothes to confidently create their own style. Whether tailored or worn more casually, Farah‘s distinctive texture gives its hopsack fabric plenty of character. From iconic trousers to jackets, shirts, and accessories, Farah‘s thoughtful line-up offers something for every man.

Hopsack Fabric

Hopsack fabric is a natural wonder with its basket weave that is both lightweight and breathable. The fabric is practical, strong, and naturally wrinkle-resistant. Its distinctive texture gives it plenty of character, making it a favorite of Farah fans for generations. Whether worn as tailored trousers or a more casual jacket, hopsack fabric is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Farah‘s history, commitment to sustainability, and thoughtful line-up of classic and trend-led styles make it a favorite among men who want to confidently create their own fashion. From hopsack trousers to jackets, shirts, and accessories, Farah offers something for everyone. By focusing on sustainability and timeless style, Farah will continue to be a beloved brand for generations to come. Don’t miss out on the latest from Farah – sign up to be the first to hear about new collections and receive 15% off your first order.