It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to swimsuits, shorts, and sleeveless dresses and start filling the wardrobe with warm cozy clothes. Don’t be scared to hug the latest winter trends and rock them by adding a little bit of your style. If you are reading this article, we know you! Yes, we do! We are positive you love playing with color while being comfortable, so get ready to hear our latest fashion advice.


pink blazer
Blazers are one of those items which never go out of style. Whether you dress it up or down, this fashion piece is powerful enough to transform any look and make your entire appearance stand out. It’s ideal for going to the office or for attending an event. Even the simplest pair of jeans become fancier when combined with the right top. Due to their light material, you can wear blazers under coats, and they will still manage to be the keystone of any glamorous look while keeping you warm. Several blazers are designed for special occasions, which require a classier appearance. Those are perfect for showing off a more feminine, soft, and fragile side of yours while sparking on details that never go unnoticed.

Pleated skirts

pleated skirt
As strange as it sounds, the traditional pleated skirt garments were once worn by men. Later on, a Spanish artist created the first dress made with pleated silk, which must have been a fashion revolution at the time, since today, this material is available to a large population. The three-quarter pleated skirt is a model everyone must have in their wardrobes: comfier than miniskirts and more casual than classic pencil skirts. This simple piece can adapt to every style and body shape. It also feels comfortable enough for everyday wear, thanks to its soft material. Pleated skirts are a timeless classic, elegant, and decidedly versatile and can quickly become a staple piece of your wardrobe.

Leather jacket

leather jacket
The leather jacket was first designed in 1950 and, since then, has never ceased to fascinate designers. The famous biker jacket is a signature of style, an accessory that adapts to any look. It has been a fashion hallmark for years and still is today. It looks perfect with jeans and a simple white t-shirt, but you can also dress it up with a romantic dress. Leather bomber is among the most popular models that have become famous thanks to American colleges. Also, leather blazers are great to make a difference on any outfit, even paired with simple jeans. See more models right here!

Maxi duvet

long coat
It’s sales o’clock, and we know how exciting this time of the year can be! Anyhow, before rushing to the shops of storming your favorite online sites, it is essential to have a clear idea of what your wardrobe needs. What can’t be missing from your current outfits? Indeed a good coat, a high-quality jacket, or outwear that will keep you warm all winter long. Speaking of coats, maxi duvets are among the trendiest items this winter. Perfect for walking, hiking, or simply having a coffee in the city, this coat will keep you warm and cozy. The important thing is to choose it in a maxi version, at least over the knee length, preferably in a neutral color. This will make it easier for you to combine the clothes you like.

Trouser suit

trousers suit
To have an impeccable look on every occasion, you don’t need to fill your wardrobe with lots of clothes; simply choose the right pieces. And one of those pieces is a trouser suit! Perfect for the office, dinner with friends, or casual wear, a trouser suit never fails to make the entire outfit pop. It looks perfect with a jewel clutch bag and elegant sandals. The design never fails to look spectacular, stylish, and exclusive for all fashionistas. Fashionable pants with cropped trousers are especially interesting for a woman. The best part is that this style suits in a sporty style, too, allowing you to feel comfortable while being stylish.

Floral dresses

floral dresses
Who said floral dresses are only worn in spring? Many fashion shows have proven this wrong by demonstrating beautiful dresses that can be worn with boots and heavy coats. The floral dress is a must for the whole year. When summer arrives, it can be accessorized with sneakers and sunglasses, and during spring and autumn, it is worn with cardigans and combat boots. Anyhow, there is no written rule telling how you should or shouldn’t wear a specific outfit. Feel free to spice up outfits and give them an authentic styling vibe. At the end of the day, that’s the beauty and freedom in fashion trends.