Why do women love bags so much?

An interesting question, but like many other interesting questions, there is no single answer to this one either. Bags are such a craze for some that they are even willing to pay more than what it would cost a car to own some of these designer bags. And for most of us, a bag is an accessory that we cannot do without. One errant theory for this bag love is that it is the competitive spirit of the women that makes them buy the one better and costlier than the one on the arms of another girl. 

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Bags that are carried over the shoulders with the help of two thick straps are called backpacks. Traditionally, backpacks have been large-sized, mainly used by students to carry books or travelers and hikers to carry food, camera, or water bottles. However, 2017 brought about the fashion trend of smaller backpacks, anywhere from a laptop to palm-sized—also rucksack.

Belt bag

Micro bags attached to a belt are called belt bags. The difference between fanny packs and belt bags is that fanny packs have no visible distinction between the belt strap and the bag, whereas belt bags are just a pouch attached to a belt. However, some brands use the two terms synonymously to describe these bags. 

Bicycle bag

A bag, usually of washable material that has loops or other hardware used to attach it to a bicycle, used by cyclists is called a bicycle bag. Bicycle bags are of three types: handlebar bag, pannier bagand frame bag.


A cloth bag tied around the end of a stick that a hobo wears over his shoulder in the American northeastern hobo community is called a rope. Bindas was also commonly used by the poorer sections of northern and western India. In a modern context, the weave is the term used to describe a bag made by tying knots at opposite ends of fabric created by fashion brands to give a modern, wearable look to the vagrant subculture. Also, see Hobo Bag.

Box clutch

Handheld evening bags in the shape of a box are known as box clutches. While box clutches may also be designed more casually in the daytime to complement casual outfits, traditionally, box clutches have been used as an evening accessory. Box clutches are sometimes without handles or straps. 

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Bowling bag

Inspired by traditional bags that carry bowling balls, bowling bags are semi-circle in shape with short handles. 


A rugged, rectangular box-like bag with a small handle is a briefcase. Also, see the laptop bag. Men’s briefcases are almost always hard-cased and boxy. Some women’s briefcases may be soft material like leather and have rounder, smoother edges.

Bucket bag

Elongated bags with top handles resembling a bucket or drawstring on the top as a closure are called bucket bags. These bags may also have a zip or snap stud (tich) button closure on the inside and often have an oval or round base. Also known as a drawstring bag, the top closure is a drawstring.

Evening bag

A small decorative handheld bag or clutch used by women during the evenings for parties or dinners is called an evening bag. Often embellished with sequins, pearls, or other surface work, evening bags are usually used for special occasions or worn with formal dresses. 

Flap bag

A type of handbag with a flap in the front to cover the zip closure is called a flap bag. The flap often has a snap stud (tich) button closure on its under-side. Flap bags are usually types of sling bags.

Laptop bag

Large bags with padding and used to carry laptops are called laptop bags. Laptop bags may also have other compartments to keep laptop accessories, books, or other things, with a separate padded compartment just for the laptop.

Micro bag

Smaller-than-palm-sized versions of regular handbags, usually with many hardware and details, are called micro bags. The difference between micro bags and mini bags is that micro bags are smaller than the palm-size or sometimes just fist-sized, whereas mini bags may be palm-sized or slightly larger.

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