Transform your traditional manicure to bold and expressive with inspiration from our nail art gallery. With easy-to-follow nail art tutorials, your next new nail art creation awaits. Get ideas for unique nail designs and learn how to look with our products.
Stepping out of the nail salon with a set of freshly painted nails can make you feel like a new person. There’s nothing like a bit of pampering and a fresh mani to make you feel like your best self.
Nail art techniques include sponging, taping, painting or drawing with brushes, digital nail art, etc.

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There are various nail art techniques such as :

Painting with Brushes – This technique is similar to the body painting technique where a variety of brushes, suitably ones with synthetic bristles, are used. One can draw any pattern of choice with the help of these brushes. However, it requires a lot of practice and skill to achieve perfection. There are numerous types of meetings like angled, flat, line, detail, dotting, etc., which are used for creating different kinds of patterns on nails.

Sponging – This technique is used for getting gradient or faded type designs on nails. The splattered type of finish is obtained by using sponges. Any sponge-like art, paint, or makeup can be used depending on the effect and design required. Generally, the base coat is applied, and when it dries, a sponge with nail polish is used and applied to the nails. Depending on the design, a sponge can be gently or firmly placed on the nails. Acetone is used for taking out the nail polish, which has spread in areas apart from the nails.

Stamping – In this technique, the image to be printed on the nail is covered by the thick layer of special nail paints in the image plate. Later, a scraper is used firmly across so that only polish is left in the pattern. Then a stamper is used in rolling motion to pick the image, and then this image is laid upon the nails.

Taping – A base color is applied to the nails, and then the tape is cut into small pieces and applied to the nails. These small pieces of tape are applied to those areas of pins that are to be left in the base color only. Then, the next coat of the desired paint is applied to the entire nail. Lastly, the tape is removed.

Digital Nail Art machines are usually used with therapists or beauty salons. The procedure is automated, and therefore it takes only some time to get the desired nail art look. One can also get scanned photographs or pictures from digital cameras for printing on the nails. These machines nearly cost 2000 to 5000 pounds.

Stencil Method – It uses stencils that are placed on the dry coat of nail polish serving as the background for the image of the stencil. Then the stencil is placed firmly against the nails. Like taping, the entire nail is pained with other colored nail polish. Then, after a few minutes, the stencil is removed, creating a pattern similar to the stencil.

Airbrush nail Art: Airbrush machines are used for spraying paint on nails. These are usually used with stencils or stickers to get the desired look. After a base coat, the stencil is placed on the nail, and the airbrush machine is used for painting the design. Later the stencil is gently removed, and acetone takes out the split paint.

Nail Art Stickers/Decals – Art stickers and decals are applied to the nails. There is not much to do in this case. However, with a great variety of these stickers and decals in the market, one has numerous options to choose from. However, one should place the stickers and decals properly on the nails.


You can also use any combination of the above methods. This is an area of ​​creativity, so it all depends on the artist’s imagination. Many types of tools such as tattoos, jewelry, and glitter are also used to stylize nail art. The most important thing is to take care of your nails to look healthier and more beautiful with nail art.

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