One of the savviest acquisitions is gold jewelry. This precious metal exudes a high social class and represents financial stability. It’s the best metal to purchase since the actual value of money is backed by gold, and you will have a B plan in case of unpredictable inflation or changes in monetary markets. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll find out everything you must know about buying good-quality golden jewels from reputable stores.

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Purity of Gold

Gold has consistently been a symbol of prosperity and influence. It’s no surprise, then, that when you invest in gold, there are many factors to consider, such as its purity level. The higher the karat, the more increased the deal is, the more valuable. 24 Karat means pure gold at 100%. Even at lower qualities, it still offers excellent monetary value in your pocket. The general rule is that gold’s worth is proportional to its purity. Still, you should choose your golden jewelry carefully and do not aim for the purest one unless its purpose requires so. There are two critical exceptions in looking for low purity levels of gold.

Its Purpose

Purified gold is remarkably soft and gets easily broken. If you want a gold bracelet to wear daily, you should choose low-ones around 10, 12, and 14 karats. Low-karat jewels are made of gold and other metals for a stronger alloy. Ten and 12-karat jewels are intended for rings and bracelets, while 14 – 18 karats are more suitable for necklaces and earrings. High-Karat pieces from 18-to 24 karats are most reasonable for special events and ceremonial occasions because of their compatibility.


Regardless of its primary usage, it would be best to consider other factors. For instance, a possible allergy from other metals in gold jewelry might demand accessories only on 100% pure gold. One of the most typical metals mixed in a golden alloy is nickel, but it’s an issue for nickel allergies, although it strengthens the alloy. In case of impossible access to 24 karats, well, 18 karat purity is recommended for you. Please, check out some more of jewelry here

Evaluate the quality

Many pieces of jewelry look like the highest quality of gold, but they might not be. There are rare stunning pieces of gold jewelry made of solid gold, so it would be best to learn the differences between gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry means filled ones with gold. Jewelry lovers typically choose gold alloys over gold-plated jewels for various motives:

  • It’s the second most valuable type of golden jewelry.
  • They do not stain, vanish, chip, or fade color over time.
  • In some countries, its trading is legally regulated, making a well-protected investment.

On the other hand, gold plates are a more budget-friendly alternative to gold-filled jewelry.

Distinguish your alloys

Jewelry specialists have integrated pure 24-karat gold with more vital metals to strengthen the pieces of jewelry from soft, malleable, and expensive pure golden ones. Since these elements are 18-karat gold, the other components affect the yellow color and deliver a new alloy. 

A piece of classic gold jewelry is always expected to have yellow shades. 

White gold is famous for engagement rings. It comprises white metals like palladium, nickel, or manganese, making it hardier jewelry than authentic gold. 

The next one is a gold alloy with a pinkish hue, known widely as the sweet rose gold.  

The rarest varieties appear with a colorful greenish-yellow hue and green stones like emerald and peridot. Green Gold is produced mainly in labs but is extremely rare and pricey.

Purchase Wisely.

As you can differentiate some of the main qualities of gold jewelry, you can invest in your next jewels.

Gold Jewelry

Proceed with reputable jewelry stores. 

The most effortless method to purchase top-quality gold is going to well-known and authorized stores with a reliable prestige as official jewelry dealers. Quality has its costs, so if you are trying to make a budget-friendly investment, aim at self-dependent dealers who deal with stunning compositions. You can confirm that you are transacting with a reputed dealer by reviewing their certificates and previous clients’ testimonials. Remember always to analogize. A piece you saw at one outlet for a special price can be lower at another one with autonomous dealers. Consistently look for other jewelers and compare their costs.