Fashion style

In the fashion world, “style” is usually shorthand for “personal style,” or how individuals express themselves through aesthetic choices such as their clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and how they put an outfit together.

Vintage fashion style

Vintage clothing is all about the old classy looks and exquisiteness. These fabrics and fashion came into existence in a bygone era, but bygones are not so bygones. There are people, and style comes and goes, but the lure of vintage fashion always seems to be timeless. Vintage is old fashioned never goes out of fashion. Old is gold, and rightly so, and once you go through my recommendations of some of the old-school techniques, you would certainly like to add some to your wardrobe. Types of Denim, Capris, High boots, Skirts are vintage fashion styles that are entirely in trend.


Grunge style clothing

This clothing type resulted from grunge music and originated in the 1980s. There was a heavy emphasis on creating oversized and layered silhouettes. This style specifically included flannel shirts, leather jackets, ripped denim, metallic jackets, crop tops, combat boots, slogan tees, fishnet stockings, mom jeans, slouchy sweaters, and beanies. Baggy clothing, torn and ripped, and messy clothes are the characteristics of this style. This style has something for everyone, so adopt this style in your attire and impact your style statement.

Artsy fashion style

Artsy is one style trend that has caught my eye and attention. It is lovely to see women who like to wear stuff that makes a style statement of their own. The idea is to create something unconventional away from traditional styling. It may involve some very bold and bright colors, with exaggerated prints. The clothes would usually have unusual silhouettes and some weirdly unique shapes. Most of it is handcrafted and is homemade.

Casual fashion style

It is more of a formal style, and it is better if we term it as business casuals. The casuals are still perfectly fine for business meetings and office events. While men wear a blazer with matching pants with a formal shirt and sometimes a tie, women can wear slacks and skirts with proper tunics or blouses with a matching jacket. I recommend you keep enough business casuals in your collection for every occasion as they won’t fail to impress the onlookers anywhere you go.

Chic fashion style

This is the elegance and class minus the vibrant colors. I find this style a neat kind of style as it involves mostly blacks and whites. You may also see other not-so-loud and subtle colors, but it is all class and ecstatic elegance with nothing overdone and no overtly garish colors.


Bohemian fashion style

It is that hippie style that made its way to popularity. This style involved women with long hair and bright outfits made of free-flowing fabrics, including bold patterns, exotic prints, and bell-bottom pants. The contemporary version of this style is the Boho chic style, and it uses handcrafted clothes made from natural materials. This style is known for its free-flowing and relaxed nature. The billowy maxi is one such example of this style.

Exotic fashion style

It is about wearing something that nobody has ever worn. It is some clothing which you may have never seen before. There are a lot of elements to exotic fashion, including mysterious designs, bold and vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and prints that stand out and can be recognized from a distance.

Trendy fashion style

The most convenient fashion style to follow, with no intricacies, no dramas, and perhaps that is why this is my favorite fashion style.

This could be a modern girl who follows all fashion trends. If you are always up to date with the current fashion trends and refresh your wardrobe many times a year with changing seasons, you are the trendy fashion girl. 

Elegant fashion style

It is elegance in the display when it is about that sublime class and refinement. Grace is all about glamour and looking upscale. This style involves creating a complete wardrobe full of classy and glamorous pieces. This style involves dazzling outfits and complementary jewelry full of diamonds that stun the onlookers. This style is a combination of class and sophistication in one.

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