There are many different types of shoes for men and women. 


A shoe is footwear that is used for the protection of the foot by humans. The concept of footwear is ancient as shoes are observed in some Spanish cave drawings, which were made around 15000 years ago, as they too depict human beings covering their feet with skins and furs of animals. There are many different types of shoes in the world today. The designs of shoes have evolved over the years out of necessity, fashion, trends, availability of raw material, etc.

Earlier, shoes were made by lapstone and hammer, but later, with the rolling machine’s invention in 1845, shoemaking took a great leap. Later, the sewing machine made it much more manageable.

Some of the popular common types of shoes are :

Oxfords or Balmorals 

These shoes are meant for men. They are characterized by their round toes and are usually with a cap. They have a close lacing style. These shoes are considered suitable options for formal business wear. These shoes are also known as Balmorals shoes, named after the Queen’s castle situated in Scotland.

Derbys – These are also formal shoes like Oxfords. Oxfords and Derbys are almost similar, except for one apparent and significant difference. Unlike an oxford shoe, the eyelet facings in Derbys are on the thin top of the vamp. This style is also known as the open front style.

Mules – These shoes are usually closed-toed but are characterized by their backless portions. They may have any heel. They are very comfortable to be worn. They typically work as casual shoes but can also be worn in the professional work environment. This shoe is usually meant for women; however, some mules are also designed for men.


These shoes have perforations, which is the only requirement to be a brogue. It can even be a derby shoe with perforations. It possesses separation at the visible edges of the material. Today they are also worn as casual shoes. 


These shoes are also known as alparagatas. They are mostly flat but sometimes come in high heel versions too. These types of shoes originated in the Pyrenees. They are made of a material like canvas or cotton. The sole of these shoes is made from jute rope. The main characteristic of this shoe is the jute rope sole, as the upper section may be different from one shoe to another.


Boots are particular types of shoes that protect the feet and are also designed to cover and protect ankles or sometimes lower legs. Tall boots are preferred for winters. They are known for their stylish look. There are many different types of boots like rigger boots, dress boots, Chelsea boots, fashion boots, cowboy boots, mukluks, etc.


The underside of these shoes is equipped with a projecting piece of hard rubber or metal. This feature is added to the shoes to provide a better grip. Players usually wear these shoes in sports like soccer, baseball, etc. These shoes also come in many different styles. These shoes with studded soles are also known as studs sometimes.


These shoes are also known as athletic shoes. These shoes are specifically great for sports or physical exercise-related activity. However, you can also wear them as casual shoes. They are available for men as well as women. Sneakers fall in soft shoes, which are mostly equipped with rubber soles. A good bottom sole can be made from different rubbers like solid rubber and gum rubber.

Wedges These shoes have their names from their heels, which are similar to a wedge. This heel is different from other heels as it covers the shoe throughout its lower section. Usually, they come in sandals, but many types of wedge boots and wedge pumps are also available in the market.

Ballet flats – Ballet shoes have inspired these. These are usually flat and are enclosed types of shoes. They are very comfortable to wear. They may have many designs incorporated into them. They are the favorite of ladies of any age group. They are suitable to be worn during warm weather.

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