Over the last 20 years, sunglasses are no longer considered solely objects to protect us from sunlight and other environmental impacts, but also a great fashion piece. Protecting the eyes and skin from intensive rays is very important. Sun lenses and pigments have a defensive function because they eliminate harmful light intensity by decreasing it tremendously. Today, a vast range of sunglasses is available in many shades, styles, and prices. Although they are often considered optional, in reality, sunglasses make a significant aesthetic detail that completes our outfits. For this reason, they have become a must-have to wear since ancient times. Let’s have a look at the latest sunglasses trends of 2022, which will keep you in line with the most famous icons’ choices.

Round polarized sunglasses

Somewhere between classic and retro style, you will find the fantastic Gqueen polarized sunglasses designed with a lightweight shiny frame. Not only will they protect your eyes, but they are also made with nose pads, making them comfortable to wear and fun to style. Another brand you probably are familiar with is Ray-Ban. Exquisitely retro, inspired by the counterculture of the 60s, and worn by true legends of music, these pair of sunglasses will soon become your favorites. Ray-Bans are unmistakable thanks to the high-quality lens and distinctive shape. The adjustable nose pads and the thin metal layers make this model fit perfectly around your eyes and ears. Check out the available colors and make these sunglasses yours!

Colorful shades

Colorful sunglasses are always in on warm days! As we all know, summer is the month of vivid colors, the bright one of the sun or the deep one of the sea. Daring with colors is fun and makes your outfit stand out. Allow yourself to explore with shades, and don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. Bold, thick frames are always in fashion, both round and square lenses. Not only they’re perfect for any face, but also, these sunglasses are well suited to brighten patterns and prints by adding a pop taste to the entire outfit.

lovely colorful sunglasses


Winter sports style

A fabulous pair of sunglasses can revolutionize the entire outfit, and probably girls know that better! There is nothing simpler than accessorizing classic coats, oversized sweaters, or warm dresses, not to mention that they protect the eyes and face from wind, besides UV rays. For this winter, sunglasses are trendier than ever. Among the most fashionable models not to be missed are the nineties models, which have recently returned in trend. Look for a pair of sunglasses with brown or completely black colored lenses. There is nothing that beats dark shades. They enhance each outfit and make them elegant, versatile, and chic while maintaining your style. Also, don’t forget about big framed models! They are the most suitable fashion items during this period and go perfectly well with beanies, scarves, and other winter accessories.

winter sunglasses

The sixties

Sunglasses are an essential accessory to look fashionable and put together. They were invented a long time ago, but apparently, some trends never die. These significant fashion items have been a hallmark of style for as long as we can remember, and the good news is, they still are! Sunglasses are preferred now as much as they were a few years ago, and it seems like even the era of Sixties-style is still in. The 2022 sunglasses fashion vibes have hugged the past trends for those who are not afraid to dare, including minimal style to exaggerated shapes, colorful lenses, and retro styles. High-quality materials are always recommended; they make frames look small and delicate while reflecting elegance and class.

Oversize frames

Are you a fan of pop star fashion items and want to look fabulous? If so, this section is for you! Large, oversized sunglasses have made a comeback! I am sure we all agree they are very chic and lovely, but keep in mind; you have to wear them right. The famous Cat Eye from Dolce & Gabbana is much preferred, and no wonder everyone loves to wear them. They enhance the entire look by drawing attention to cat-eye details. Another favorite item is Gucci’s classic aviator shape model, which covers the face and makes an excellent accessory for those who love this style. And we can’t forget about men too! The mask sunglasses, which mimic the skiwear goggles perfectly, are a classic of the male sportswear sector. New shapes, colors, and materials are designed according to each season every year. And we agree that they never fail to create a refined appearance each time!

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